Henk Molenaar:
The Artist

The Dutch artist Henk Molenaar (17 Jan 1933 - 9 sep 2019) is well-known for his drawings, etches, watercolours and paintings. His works have been acquired by several museums and many individuals. This site is dedicated to the art that Henk Molenaar produced during his lifetime. Take a closer look at the Retrospective Works Photobook to view highlights of this production.

Click under "About..." to read more about Henk Molenaar's life, his achievements, museums that acquired his works, and the solo and shared exhibitions in which his works became known to the public.
The Museum Prinsenhof in Delft has acquired over 170 of Henk Molenaar's works.

Many of the works shown on this site are also for sale. For prices, please contact info@henkmolenaar-art.nl .

Enjoy browsing the site and the Gallery.